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Eco Vacations Costa Rica is a Travel Agency with Ecological Conscience... We love our dépôt country, and we want to take care of it, which is why, our purpose is to bring only tourist who care about nature. We are committed to be the first Eco Travel Agency in Costa Rica that is going to work ONLY with hotels that perform Ecological practices in a natural way. Our team is comprised of both local and foreign young professionals who are eager to plan your ideal Travel Experience. We personally visit all of our Hotels, Tours, Domestic Flights and Transportation options we offer as part of our customized Vacation Packages.Sustainable tourism has become a buzzword and it doesn’t always mean what people think it does. Nowadays with green- and eco-friendly everything making headlines, everyone is scrambling to prove that they’re doing it too. With many companies and industries jumping on the bandwagon it’s hard to know who to trust.

Pura Vida or 'Pure Life' is the easiest way to sum up all that a Costa Rica Vacations has to offer this tiny Central American country embodies the perfect investir petite somme appreciation of life's simple delights. Nature enthusiast or just someone looking to chill out and escape the world, come and experience Costa Rica Vacations like no other!Costa Rica has been a forerunner in sustainability and tourism from the start so it’s natural that this country would have a heads up on eco-friendly travel. With only .03% of the world’s surface area, Costa Rica is home to over 5% of the world’s biodiversity. That means there is a lot at stake.

Costa Rica is the ultimate Nature Paradise.Costa Rica has become an example for the world with nearly 30% of its land protected and for being the first country that has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2021. In addition, over 90% of the electricity needed in the country is produced through renewable means like hydroelectric, geothermal and wind power. The government even offers incentives for eco-friendly practices, i.e. by buying back solar energy from users that have a surplus. With most of its precious treasures found within the twenty-six national parks and protected zones spread across the country, Costa Rica has a staggering wealth of flora and fauna. Soak in the beauty of Costa Rica amid luxurious faire de petits investissements hotels, lodges and Costa Rica resorts or simply camp out under the stars to experience Mother Nature at her very best. Having blessed this small country with pristine jungles, rich foliage and marvelous wildlife also you can find also: Favorite Vacation Packages, Favorite Hotels, Special Deals & the Most Eco Hotels in Costa Rica.

With its own unique take on Ecotourism, Costa Rica today has emerged as one of the premier Vacation hotspots of the world. Moulding its image as an wonderland, this country promises you memorable Costa Rica Holidays in an Eco Friendly Way.

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