About us


For all our experience in the tourism business, we try to see the industry from the customer’s perspective, and we know it is not easy to deposit your vacation and trust on a web travel agency on different country you may not know entirely. So, from this point, we can assume we are on a business of credibility, and definitely, credibility is not something you earn easily, and that makes the things even harder.

On this section, we try to explain to the customers, Who we are, What we  do, how we do, where do we want to go and most important WHY we do all this. The purpose of this section is to inform our clients About Us in regards to make them fell confortable, and earn their trust. Eco Vacations Costa Rica is a serious Travel Agency, committed to work and develop the Costa Rican Tourism in a Sustainable way.

Some information you will find at this section are:


Mission / Vision a quick view of what we do, and where do we see our self in the future

Who are we? a small presentation of our company and our products

Why us? We want to show you why we are different

Why Costa Rica? This small country is a unique destination, and we want to show you why

Our Eco Concept a description about why we do this, and what we have to offer you

In Eco Vacation Costa Rica, we want to offer you more than Eco vacation packages, unforgettable natural experiences, and to offer a clean world for future generations


Favorite Packages / Favorite Hotels / Special Deals / Costa Rica General Information