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Car rental offers you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Our travel agency offers a modern fleet of sedans and compacts, as well as full-size 4x4’s, and your vehicle will be delivered to your hotel or be waiting at the airport upon your arrival.

You can get a GPS device and a mobile phone for a small extra charge. Baby seats and coolers are also available.

Overall, renting a car in Costa Rica provides you with an added value and the opportunity to get to know Costa Rica thoroughly; however, precautions must be taken in order to avoid any potential inconveniences.

Toyota Yaris Eco Vacations Car Rental

Toyota Yaris

Daihatsu Bego Eco Vacations Costa Rica Car Rentals

Daihatsu Bego

hyundai tucson eco vacations costa Rica Car Rentals

Hyundai Tucson

mitsubishi montero Eco vacations Costa Rica Car Rental

Mitsubishi Montero

mitsubishi nativa Eco Vacations Costa Rica Car Rental

Mitsubishi Nativa

starex Eco Vacations Costa Rica Car Rentals





Our car rental providers are committed to sustainability. In 2008 & 2009 this contributed to the reforestation in the Caribbean Zone. Clients will be able to compensate carbon emissions of their ground trip for only US$2 for the entire rental. It also supports the Clean Travel Program from FONAFIFO, Costa Rica´s National Forestry Finance Fund.


Car Rental Tips:


The Pan-American Highway is the main artery of travel and it is heavily used. The road is windy and has some dangerous sections. However, the main highways are constantly improving. The roads to the most popular beaches and destinations are in good condition, but there are potholes that you would not expect in your home country.

On the other hand, the road conditions are not the biggest problem when driving in Costa Rica. The slow-moving vehicles, mostly trucks, cause delays and some frustrated drivers pass them dangerously. You will probably have to make a few passes on double yellow lines if you rent a car and want to get to your destination quickly, but use caution and drive defensively. The roads to more remote destinations (like Dominical, Monteverde and Osa Peninsula) are in very poor shape and require a 4x4. Driving times can vary depending on traffic conditions. In our opinion, the drives to Quepos, Jaco, & Tamarindo are the most pleasant and easiest to manage.

When renting a car make sure you’ve allowed yourself plenty of travel time between destinations. Driving at night could not be a good idea and mileage can be misleading when planning short trips; road signs are few and far between. Take into consideration that you will probably average speeds of 70 to 80 km/hr on highways and 40 to 50 km/hr on back roads.


Let us be your guide to this amazing destination.

Contact us now and enjoy a memorable vacation in an eco-friendly way!


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