Domestic Flights

Traveling to Costa Rica by air offers many different benefits when vacationing in a foreign country. Probably the biggest advantage is that you can spend more time at your destination enjoying all the different activities. Instead of having a 6-8 hour drive, you can get to your vacation area in just 45-min, while enjoying aerial panoramic views of different parts of Costa Rica.

Getting to know a country other than your native one can be a delightful experience; however getting lost in it can be a totally different story. Allow us to make sure you get to your destination in a comfortable, luxurious and ecologically-friendly transportation. We make sure to enhance your vacation experience in every detail we can control and transportation is not an exception.

To make sure the environment is taken care of we do business with 2 carbon-neutral airlines. Our main airline is Sansa Regional, since it is more conveniently located and offers newer aircraft; however we offer you the possibility to use Nature Air as well.


Sansa Regional


This high-tech, safe airline has over 30 years of experience in Costa Rica, offers the newest fleet in the market (7 years) and also the most comfortable, with air conditioning and leather seats.

Once you arrive at the Juan Santamaria International airport you can visit Sansa Regional´s hub. While waiting to board your luxurious flight enjoy the amenities this facility offers you - free wireless internet access, full-service cafeteria and the most updated flight information at your disposition on modern flat screens.

Sansa Regional Costa Rica


Nature Air

Since 2004, it is a certified carbon-neutral airline for domestic flights within Costa Rica, making it the first of its kind in the country. This company is so environmentally-friendly it allows you to bring your pet onboard for a very reasonable prices.

To ensure safety and comfort, the aircraft is made of twin engine airplanes, which provide a more stable journey to your next stop. Another feature of this fleet is the panoramic windows that allow you to enjoy the stunning aerial views.

Nature Air Costa Rica Airline


Baggage Policies


For Sansa

You can check as much as 22 lbs/10kg and a maximum size of 45 inches for free. If your baggage exceeds this limit and there is no availability in your same flight, you can either have them flown out on a later flight or pickeded up at the airport upon your return.

For your hand luggage there is a maximum weight of 5lbs or 2.3kg and 20 inches. Other items allowed into the plane´s cabin are: lady’s handbag or purse, an umbrella, walking stick, reading material for the flight, children’s food for in-flight consumption, an overcoat, wrap or blanket, a small camera and/or a pair of binoculars, and/or a laptop computer.


For Nature Air

Free checked baggage maximum capacity is 30lbs/13.6kg and 50 inches. If weight is exceeded there is no guarantee of space availability in the flight. Fees will be charged for extra weight: $25 will be charged for luggage between 31 and 60lbs; 61 to 75lbs pay $50; 76 to 100lbs will cost $75. Also, extra pieces of baggage will be charged: one piece for $25, two pieces for $50 and three extra pieces for $75.

The aircraft does not provide overhead bag storage; therefore only small purses and laptop computers are allowed in the cabin, as long as it does not exceed 10 lbs/4.6kg.

Important note: For safety reasons neither of our airlines allow sharp objects carried into the airplane´s cabin.


Let us be your guide to this amazing destination.

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