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The environment is a matter that concerns all of us all, and in recent years people have increased their awareness and interest in conservation and sustainability. However, this is something that must become a part of their lifestyle, they have to become more involved and cover all areas of their lives, and that includes when and where they travel and vacation.

At Eco Vacations Costa Rica, many people ask us about how they can become Eco Travelers. There are many ways, however, and as a company we believe that the most important is to vacation in eco-friendly destinations, and stay in eco lodges, or hotels that perform Eco Friendly Practices. This way, you're helping the environment and the eco-tourism industry, and at the same time increasing demand for this specific type of vacation by making people more aware of the many possibilities and options available to them that can help make a difference.

There are many eco-destinations, and Costa Rica is one of the leading countries in this world-wide effort. As a matter fact, Eco tourism is so popular in Costa Rica, and Costa Ricans, becoming more and more environmentally-conscious, that the Government has designed a program to become a Carbon-Neutral Country by the year 2020.

The objective of Eco Vacations Costa Rica is to provide the necessary tools for people concerned about the environment to find Eco Friendly destinations and eco hotels, as well as raise awareness and encourage greater demand for Eco Tourism. Maybe this way the entire tourism industry will share in this ideology and vision and create a better world for future generations.


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