Our Eco-Concept


The development of Costa Rica as a vacation destination has been one of the most important events for the country in recent years. In the late eighties, Costa Rica was an unknown country to most people, but it was not until the nineties that this little paradise began to attract attention. Since then, this beautiful land of beaches, rainforest and volcanoes has become one of the most important vacation destinations, generating wealth for many people, and therefore, increasing investment in hotels and resorts destinations, especially in natural paradises.


In Costa Rica there are all types of hotels located at beaches, mountains, etc. These hotels range from the most luxurious, to those who do not care about environment, to those who have tried to change the way we travel, but obviously have had a major impact on the most ecologically diverse and beautiful places Costa Rica. Because of all the situations that have occurred with respect to the environment (global warming, deforestation, loss of habitat, pollution, etc), we have created Eco Vacations Costa Rica, a travel agency trying to help to develop hotels that have an environmental conscious.


The object is simple, through various advertising media we want to make people aware of vacation hotels that support nature and do not pollute, thus generating an increase in this type of tourism and providing greater customer demand for these hotels. The idea is to teach that you can vacation in luxury, comfort and also be environmentally responsible.


There are 3 points that we consider to pick our hotels:

- Having nature friendly practices

- High Quality Service

- Comfort and luxury


The future of tourism is to preserve the natural beauty of attractions for tourists.


Costa Rica Eco Vacations is a company made by Costa Rican people who have served in the tourist industry for several years and want to help the environment and leave a better Costa Rica to future generations.


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