Tamarindo, located on Costa Rica’s northern Pacific Coast, is one of the country’s paradise spots, not just because of its white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, stunning sunsets and natural wonders, but also because of its year-round weather conditions. During the rainy season the rain can be a quick, refreshing shower, or a romantic and hypnotizing downpour, normally during the night.


General Info


Tamarindo has so much to offer, including being the most popular and well-known surf mecca of the region. The beach stretches out for 3 ½ kilometers of white sand and warm blue water and is part of a bay formed by Cabo Velas.

Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo has many of the amenities of a larger city, including supermarkets, banks, shops, post office, pharmacies, restaurants, internet cafés, and even a private clinic, all within walking distance of each other. Travelers should note that the closest gas station is a 15-minute drive from town.

For those who enjoy dining out, they won’t be disappointed. Tamarindo offers from Middle Eastern specialties to Italian fare, cafés and restaurants with a wide variety of cuisine for every taste and budget, and some upscale hotels include international restaurants with breathtaking views.

There is always something going on in Tamarindo on every night of the week, whether it’s ladies nights, live bands and even reggae dance halls. Each evening a hotspot is informally designated by the locals to frequent that evening, and around 10 pm, later on weekends, things start heating up and usually carry on until the sun comes up.




Tamarindo Beach is part of a bay formed by a cape, Cabo Velas (velas is Spanish for sails or sailfish). Inside the bay located north of Tamarindo, you will find Playa Grande. A natural salt water estuary named Estero de Tamarindo separates the two beaches. On the south side of Tamarindo there is another estuary and beach called Playa Langosta.

These two beaches Playa Grande and Playa Langosta are protected nesting areas for the giant leatherback turtle, and are part of the Costa Rican national park system. Both places are the worldwide major nesting areas for the turtles, which arrive from October to March to lay their eggs. Tours led by official guides are available to take visitors to see this incredible spectacle.

Situated along the north and south of Tamarindo Beach, and immediately to the south, is another national park which is a great place to see dolphins and manta rays and to snorkel or scuba dive along the coral reef.

Giant leatherback turtle Tamarindo


Things to do


1. Surfing & Fun

Tamarindo and its nearby beaches offer easy access to a wide variety of surf breaks for all surfing levels, including beach and coral breaks such as Witches Rock and Ollie’s Point, and it’s one of the most popular and well-known surfing areas throughout Costa Rica’s northern Central Pacific Coast. The nearby coral reef is great for snorkeling and scuba diving.

2. Giant Turtles

Known as one of the largest leatherneck sea turtle nesting sites in the world, Playa Grande receives these special visitors every year between October and March, as hundreds of them come ashore to lay their eggs. Guided evening tours can be arranged.

3. Unforgettable adventures

There many other activities you can enjoy – Canopy Tours, Horseback Riding, ATV Tours, Bird and Wildlife Watching, Boating, Sailing and Kayaking.


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