Tortuguero National Park is located in the Caribbean Coast, Limón province, approximately 80 km northeast of the city of the same name in Costa Rica. It is the most important area of the occidental part of the Caribbean for the green turtle to come and lays its eggs. Other species of sea turtles come here too, like the Baula and the Carey. Surrounded by lush vegetation alive with spectacular animals, the area is a delight for wildlife enthusiasts.


General Info

The small but charming town is dotted with simple wood houses built on stilts along with a few restaurants, hotels and family-run tour companies. Tortuguero is quite remote and is accessible only by plane or boat as there are no roads leading into the village. Travelers should note that there are no banks or ATMs in Tortuguero, and credit cards are subject to commission and only accepted in a few locations. Small grocery stores, medical services, Internet cafés, souvenir shops and a few local restaurants are available.

An Afro-Caribbean influence is evident in the local cuisine, language and culture. Many of the village’s inhabitants originated from Jamaica, San Andres or the Miskito Coast of Nicaragua.

Tortuguero National Park

Along with a bit of English, locals speak a mixture of Patois (a Jamaican Creole with English and African roots) and Spanish.



This park was created to protect the flora and fauna of the region, and to help in scientific research and investigation. Fauna is very rich and diverse in this area. Among them are the danta, jaguar, congo, pizote, raccoon, fishing bat, poison frog, spider monkey, West Indian manatee, spectacled caiman and of course, the green sea turtle. Also you can find many protected birds in this area.

The park has an incredible biological variety, due to the existence within the reserve of eleven different habitats, including rainforest, swamps, beaches, and lagoons. It is located in a tropical climate, is very humid, and receives up to 250 inches (6,300 mm) of rain a year.

Turtles Tortuguero National Park

While sporadic late afternoon showers are common, it can also rain for 15 days straight. Generally, the driest months in Tortuguero are February-March and September-October.

22 miles of protected beaches encompass the world’s second most important nesting site of green sea turtles and the most-visited green sea turtle nesting beach in the Western Hemisphere. From July through October, Tortuguero visitors can join a guided turtle tour to observe some of the thousands of giant reptiles nesting on the beach. Lucky travelers may also glimpse tiny hatchlings making their epic journey to sea.


Things to do


Turtle Tours are carried out in The Tortuguero National Park, home to four species of sea turtles and protected beaches that embrace the largest nesting site for the green sea turtle in the Western Hemisphere. The green sea turtle season runs from July 1 - October 31. Loggerhead turtles appear in smaller numbers around the same time. The leatherback (the largest turtle in the world) nests from March - May, and the hawksbill's nesting season runs from March - October. Visitors can arrange evening turtle tours with a licensed guide. Please note that cameras, video and flash photography are prohibited on night turtle tours. Turtles are extremely sensitive to ambient light, and rangers and biologists want to keep our impact to a minimum.

Scenic boat and kayak excursions through lush canals are a popular activity within the national park. Tiger herons, northern jacanas, anhingas, river turtles, and caimans are commonly spotted as well as an abundance of birds.

Canopy tours, bird and wildlife watching, hiking, canoeing or kayaking are some other activities you can enjoy when you visit Tortuguero.

Many lagoons and canals go through the park. They can be navigated and are also the habitat for many crocodiles, turtles, manatees, crabs and 52 species of river fishes.


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