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Luxury in the middle of the Nosara beach Rainforest

by Andrea Calderon. Nov 26, 2010


Nosara beach is well-known for its natural beauty, great surfing spots and especially for its serene and relaxing environment, so my boyfriend and I decided to make a trip to this area. The idea was to relax and re-energize ourselves.

In order to save some time and spend it at our destination, we decided to take a domestic flight. The flight was so enjoyable, because of the panoramic views of the different parts of Costa Rica that we were able to admire, and the moment we departed it was all about relaxing and enjoying.

The stunning L’Acqua Viva was the hotel we stayed at. It was the perfect choice for what we were looking for; the villas were surrounded by nature and the environment was quiet and peaceful.

Laqua Viva Resort Nosara Beach

L`Aqua Viva Resort in Nosara

One morning, we decided to go to the beach, which is just 15-min. away. The Nosara beach I found was immaculate - it was nature at its best. Apparently, the waves were awesome because a lot of people were there with their surfboards and boogie boards (though I wouldn’t dare to adventure). There were a few shady areas that were very refreshing, although not as necessary thanks to the gentle breeze that was blowing.

On our second night we decided to go the Ostional Reserve and see the nesting of the Olive Ridley turtles. There are no words to describe such a miracle of life. There were millions of turtles coming into this beach from all over the world, and they wouldn’t stop coming in from the ocean. It was a life-changing experience that created an environmental-conservationist conscience on all of us witnessing this extraordinary event.

Staying at the hotel was a great idea as we got to enjoy the yoga classes and spa treatments, as well as the very original swimming pools; there was no better way to unwind and end completely revitalized. Afterwards, cocktails at sunset with Bossa Nova music in the background was the perfect way to prepare for a true gourmet experience at the hotel’s restaurant.

Coming home after a trip is always good, but not when you feel you left paradise when your vacation ended.

Andrea Calderon
Travel Writer
Eco Vacations Costa Rica



Nature & Fun at Magnificent Arenal Volcano

by Andrea Calderon. Oct 13, 2010


This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the amazing region of La Fortuna. It was a weekend getaway, but it felt like a complete vacation to me.

On Saturday morning the weather was perfect for so many activities that it was hard to decide what to do; we finally decided to go on a Canopy tour. I was a little hesitant about this since I am not the adventurous type.

Before heading to the Sky tram and canopy tour, we drove into a small and very particular town located south of the Arenal Volcano. We drove parallel to the lake and could see so many different angles of the Arenal that my camera almost ran out of batteries. Since it was around lunchtime we decided to stop for a meal. Lunch was served by a Californian named John. The place looked like straight out of a movie, it had so much character and heart put into it, and every customer even had to sign the walls after eating.

When we arrived at the tour platform, we started with a photo shoot with scenic background views of the Volcano and of us being transported from the reception to the first platform in a Sky Tram. On this ride we could see the primary and secondary rainforest around us and the marvelous views of the Arenal Volcano and the Lake, and farther away the mountains and plains of San Carlos. The guides would stop the sky tram for us to photograph the environment and see some of the animals in the area. This trip to the platform was a good preview to the adrenaline-rush awaiting us!

Even though we had beverages before the demonstration on how to ride on the canopy, I was very nervous, because as I said before, I am definitely not the adventurous type. Luckily, we had 2 zip lines to practice on and decide whether or not we were going through with the canopy adventure. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with myself and the whole experience of going from one side of the forest to the other. Even when it started raining everything was in a way which made me feel safe and comfortable. The guides were extremely friendly and the rest of our group were very good sports and we joked around while waiting to “fly”. I cannot describe the views or the feeling of freedom; I have lived in Costa Rica my entire life but I have never lived nature like this.

The best way to end the day was at the hot springs at The Springs Resort, and these were not just any hot springs, these were THE BEST ones in the area (and probably in the country). The place was stunning. The architecture, atmosphere and surroundings were very well-orchestrated to combine with the best of nature and luxury. The views of the Arenal Volcano were the perfect setting for an unforgettable dinner.

Sunday morning was spent enjoying the scenery and the sun at the pool, which is right next to Cerro Chato, an inactive brother of the magnificent Arenal Volcano. It was extremely relaxing, and the perfect way to end this mini-vacation.

I even enjoyed the drive home. The area near San Ramon has gorgeous prairies where ornamental flowers and plants are grown, which look like green, white, yellow and red mountains. The weather was also very good, even when it rained a bit.

Definitely La Fortuna is a place to fall in love with!!!

Andrea Calderon
Travel Writer
Eco Vacations Costa Rica


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