Why us?


If you need to know even more about our company, we offer you a variety of reasons which we believe makes us different from our competitors. In Eco Vacations Costa Rica we are working in a clean way and want to show you why we are the best option to help you with your vacation plans in Costa Rica.


1. Nature Responsability

      - Our trips are Eco-friendly

      - All of our hotels providers perform environmental practices

      - You will help Mother Nature while you enjoy


2. It’s different

      - With our eco-friendly packages, you will live the beauty of Nature Paradises

      - You don’t have to stay in a big resort that does not respect environment to have fun

      - You’ll feel really good, because your conscience knows that you are doing the right thing


3. Knowledge (Costa Rican natives)

      - Your Travel Agents are Costa Rican natives, people who know the country and live here

      - You don’t have to do anything, just let us know what you want and we will take care

      . We know first hand every single hotel, tour and provider we use


4. Simplicity – Easy

- Don’t need to research, we know everything you need to know, we are located in Costa Rica

      - Don’t worry, even when you are in the country we will assist you

      - We use only trusted hotels and tour companies


5. High class service

      - Once you arrive, a representative from our company will provide you all your reservation details

      - If you have any trouble or have a change plan, we have contacts at all of our destinations

      - We have our emergency line on call during your vacation

      - Bilingual personal and drivers


6. Personalized packages

- All our vacations plans will be done according to what you want to see and experience.

- We listen to you first and then start to work

- We are the experts, but we will advise you according to your needs


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